Friday, July 1, 2011

Maintenance Grooming of the Young Senior English Angora - Part II

The next step in the grooming process for English Angoras between the ages of six and eight months old will be to groom the top.  I will pull apart any webbing or matting that is spotted on the top when blowing.  Once again, I do not use any brushes unless absolutely necessary, and attempt to remove any problems with  just my fingers. 

Behind the ears is another matter, these tangles are fine, and I will spritz it with the diluted leave in conditioner  and then use a steel comb to comb the wool.  If the tangles are large, however, they will need to be tackled by pulling the pieces apart with your fingers, or you will risk damaging the wool. 

As with junior english angoras, use grooming tools sparingly, and blow only a minimal amount to keep that coat in good shape.  A rabbit at this age should have a fresh lively coat, the wool should be silky and fall free, and it is important to not ruin it with overgrooming.  In fact, I believe that rabbits in this stage are the "ideal" English Angora if you truly are going by the standard of perfection, because the wool is fresh, falls free, and does not have a dry texture, but unfortunately judges at the Best In Show table often want to see the large, full coated seniors.

If the grooming session is done weekly, it usually only takes me about ten to fifteen minutes on a rabbit at this stage.  Of course, sometimes  life is busy, and during these times, I can only do this grooming session every other week, at which time it will take me about 25 minutes.  While it is not ideal to do the grooming session every other week, with the frequent blowing, the coat can be maintained in good shape until this time. 

These tips should help you keep those young seniors in good shape, and looking good!

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