Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preventing "Fur Mites" in Your English Angora – Part II

As we discussed in the previous post, a fur mite infestation can quickly take an English Angora’s beautiful show coat and destroy it if proper measures are not taken.  In addition to treating with ivomec, I find that I have better luck combating the fur mites if I also treat with a spray or powder.  I always assume that a show English Angora has been exposed when they come home from a show and treat before they are returned to their cages. Before I had that attitude, I lost many coats.  

Some people use powders, but I like to use a spray made for cats that kills lice, although most of these sprays kill fleas and ticks as well.   I spray show rabbits every other week, and try to time this bi-weekly application so that it occurs after they return from a show.  Also, if I notice during my grooming routine that they are starting to get tangles in the wool, I will lightly spray that spot, as it might be an indication that I missed a mite or two.  I never spray or powder a baby under three months, and I never do my breeding stock unless they are actually exhibiting symptoms.  I prefer not to use chemicals such as this unless necessary, so if it is not needed, I prefer not to apply it.

To administer, spray lightly as a little goes along way.  I spray the belly, the feet and legs, between the front legs.  Then, on their tops, I lift the wool on the side and do the shoulders, and side and then let some wool down and do a second layer.  Also, do it above the tail, let some wool down and do another layer. Smooth the wool down and spray behind the ears, making sure to get the actual ears, and down the back.  Shoulders are the worst, make sure to get that area of the body good. 

Does anyone else have good tips in regards to fighting the infamous fur mite?  If so, please post in the comment section or email me so that I can include it in a future posting.

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